Two dog teams complete a head on pass

Dave took the Go-Pro with him on a run today  and captured a couple good video clips.  This is one of his team completing a head on pass with another team.

We do not have a lot of snow yet in Knik as you will see on the video.

The puppies names are …(fill in the blank).

Our ‘dog days’ of summer is the time we get to welcome some cute and cuddly puppies to the world.   We love (especially Ellen & Isaac) our ‘puppy days’ of summer.   We have a few litters ‘on the ground’  (born) this summer that will contribute to the future and success of the racing kennel in about 3 years.

This post is about a litter of 5 puppies that are approaching 3 weeks old and they are in need of some names.  Our Ellen (8 years old) and Isaac (5 years old) are normally the masters at establishing names but we thought it may be fun to see if anyone outside of the kennel could come up with some creative names.   It’s nice to have a theme to the litter names (Generals, States, Rivers, Mountains, Etc.).  Then the themed name litter mates stand out to others in the kennel.

This litter of 5 includes 3 males and 2 females. Four of them are brown in color (2 females and 2 males) and one male is black. They are a lot of fun and growing fast.    They mom is Viper and their Dad is Shred.

If you have some good names for these wonderful puppies post a comment to this blog with your idea…We will let you know what we decide to name the pups … hopefully it’s your idea.  Thanks.


puppy power