Getting Our Mush On

Also known as Team Redington’s Racing Goals

Ray is naturally our main racer but he is not the only one racing out of the kennel, either.  Dave Delcourt has been running and training with us going on 3 years now and will be entering his rookie Iditarod in 2017. Winter willing, Ellen and Isaac will also get on the back of the runners for local junior sprint races.

So the collective ‘we’ have been trying to get our mush on this season and here’s our plan and results so far:

2017 Race Schedule

Race Team Redington Racers Place Other Comments
Iditarod Ray Redington Jr.

Dave Delcourt

Knik 200 Ray Redington Jr.

Dave Delcourt

Micah Degerlund

Copper Basin 300 Ray Redington Jr.

Dave Delcourt

 Kusko 300  Ray Redington Jr.
Tustumena 200  Ray Redington Jr.

Dave Delcourt