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The puppies names are …(fill in the blank).

Our ‘dog days’ of summer is the time we get to welcome some cute and cuddly puppies to the world.   We love (especially Ellen & Isaac) our ‘puppy days’ of summer.   We have a few litters ‘on the ground’  (born) this summer that will contribute to the future and success of the racing kennel […]

Booty Up

Blog by Julia Redington We booty up here at Redington Kennels … or perhaps the correct term is booting up and not meaning a computer restart.  Joking aside, booties are a critical part of sled dog care.  We take our dog care very seriously. Why are booties needed?  Dogs have tough pads on their feet […]

The Weight (and Pressure) of an Iditarod Food Drop

Blog by Julia Redington Ray will be racing in his 13th Iditarod this year and we just completed the Iditarod food drop for the 13th time this past week. So do you think food drop for Iditarod has gotten easier for us? Yes, we are pretty good at the mechanics of assembling it …. However, […]